A First Post

I’ve started this blog a year later than I wanted to really. Just never got round to doing it. I think having a baby might have something to with it, but finally I decided to get writing and putting my trials and tribulations out there for the world to see. So this is it…my journey from a complete novice triathlete to becoming an ironman.

There are thousands of blogs out there with similar themes to mine and it probably isn’t much different to those. I write it mainly for myself, and to record my thoughts, training and races throughout each season. If someone out there chooses to read it and enjoys it then great! Why not record it in a personal diary I hear you say? Well most of my training is recorded somewhere online, whether through Garmin or Strava and through the use of all my training gadgets. I wanted to try and tie it all together and this is the place I have chosen.

Over the next few posts I hope to fill in last season – my debut as a triathlete. That should get us up to speed. I know a lot of people enjoy competing and completing triathlons. There are so many talented men and women out there in different age groups. Do I compete against them?…well yes but mainly I compete against myself. I like to compare how I fair against the rest and will post my results here. But for me, this is not just about a 30 something man doing triathlon. This is about a way of life, one that is healthy, one that requires discipline in completing my training, one that allows me to enjoy a sport outside of work and one that I seem to spend a bloody lot of money on!

So, if you pick this up…i hope you enjoy it and join me on my quest to be an ironman.

Next up….last year…coming soon.