Tour De Yorkshire Sportive

Wet, soggy, drenched, soaked…Call it what you want but that is how I will remember this ride. To to be fair to Yorkshire and the sportive, the route was good and the scenery I think would have been spectacular. Unfortunately I didn’t see much of this and not just because of the dull sky and low lying cloud, but because  I had to concentrate so much on what I was doing. I have too much planned this season so having an ‘off’ today was not going to be on the cards.

I was down to do the medium route – 68 miles but changed my mind and ended up doing the short because the biblical conditions. I concluded that I think I will return next year as I feel I have unfinished business here. Plus, I really wanted the 68 miles in the bank as well as the 6500ft of climbing. On the short route we got to tackle black hill road which is a very steep climb. Testing to say the least, but I got up it.

May is to be a relatively busy month and this is the start of it. Next up will be the cycling weekly sportive in Sussex which I have completed the last two years. The first year I managed it in 2hrs 4 mins and last year in 1hr 59min. It will be interesting to see what I manage this year and for me it is a good way to tell what condition I’m in. Again it will be the short course of 34 miles. I then take on the Eton swim series and end the month back at Hyde park for the pru health triathlon.

Anyway I leave you with some pics of today. Until the next time.

image image