Ironman Training – A quick update…

Winter was good for me. I kept myself ticking over averaging around 5/6 hours a week with no particular plan. I spent more time running and felt this was something going really well. Ironman training officially started on the 31st January. I’m now 6 weeks in and the majority of it has gone to plan. The only problem has been dealing with injury and niggles. Swimming and biking have been fine, but like always, it’s the running that causes me issue.

Two running injuries – both of which I have suffered from before, meaning I know how to treat and manage them. It has meant that some of my running volume hasn’t been where it should be. Everything was going well until around 3 weeks ago and having to hobble home from a run. Anyway I am back running again now and managed an hour on Friday and another this week. It wasn’t fast or pretty, but I got through it. It’s frustrating as running had been going really well and I had recently hit a 10K PB.

I think my strength training had really paid off in the winter, but since starting Ironman training this has backed off. I feel if I don’t keep some form of strength training then the injuries and niggles creep back in. This is certainly one of the difficulties in finding more time to fit it in on top of managing all the other training, work and family life.

I must say I have been really consistent with training and followed my plan (Don fink) pretty much as to how it was set. Although it is a 16 week programme, I’ve started it with 20 in mind (pre-thinking injury and holidays booked here) and I think this is ideal.

Screen Shot 2017-03-12 at 12.04.58

I’ve also had my first sports massage of the year and thought I’d better start getting these in as I feel they make a real difference to me and my body. I recently had a sweat test at the Triathlon show in which I will blog about separately.

I’m off to Majorca in a few weeks where I will have a break from swimming and complete some great riding and hopefully get a few runs in as well. I love riding there and those will know from my previous post from last year.

Here’s my plan from the last two weeks so you can see some of the volume. You’ll also see where I’ve had to knock back some of the run volume.

Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 20.15.45

This is the Don Fink intermediate programme I am following and I must say it is simple to use and follow. Some of the specified swim workouts have been a little easy, probably as I had quite a good base and volume previously. I swapped some of these and completed a few workouts from the competitive programme.

So overall, I’m fairly happy and I know the run volume will get back to where it was. I can’t fault my swimming and biking and the base period is nearly over. Training volume will continue to increase as will the intensity. Things will get harder! Bring it on!








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