End of season ramblings…

After a long season and completing my last triathlon (London) in July, I called a halt to my triathlon season after returning from my summer holidays. I had planned to do one last race like last year, however after the masses of wine, beer and food over my 5 week summer holiday, this meant a severe loss of race fitness. The thought of bumbling through one last race just didn’t sell it!

I hadn’t given up all exercise over the break, just nothing structured with a run here and there, the odd bike and swim…nothing to warrant actual ‘training’. To be honest, it is nice to not have to follow a plan making sure the sessions are done, watching what you eat and drink and tracking data. I have since started winter training officially now and completed the Serpentine Swim the other week. Goals are also already been thought through for next year.


Looking back, I am incredibly happy with the season. Could it have gone better? Certainly yes. Getting injured two weeks out from the first half ironman wasn’t ideal. I ran through that in pain and then faced problems for the next 8 weeks with a severe loss of run fitness. All clear to see at Staffordshire. The most important thing was finishing, and that is what I did! I know for certain I can complete a sub 6 hour half ironman and this will make up one of the goals for next season. I’ve already entered the Grafman and hope to add a second half distance when the Outlaw organisers OSB release details of the southern half they are planning.

Winter training for me will now consist of hitting the weights and building some strength up again as I do always this time of year. This will last for around 10 weeks and I’m planning on working at my running during this time (currently up to around 20 miles a week). This leads me to my next possible goal – The London Marathon. I’m seriously considering this especially when seeing the London Classics medal bling at the Serpentine Swim. If you are unaware, this means completing the London marathon, Ride 100 and 2 mile Serpentine Swim. It can be done at any time. I’m in the Ballot and we will see how I get on in this. Unlikely I know, but I work for a school that has a children’s charity within it which I will consider doing it for. Watch this space!

I’m taking a 4-6 week break from swimming also. I have a slight overuse injury in my shoulder which I think needs some time to rest. There are other goals – all mainly to do with running. I would love to get my 10k and 5k times down which is certainly possible. I will also aim to run a PB across the half marathon and aim to run longer then I ever have. I’m just taking it slowly considering the injury issues I seem to always have with running.

This season has allowed me to achieve another step to my ultimate goal – a full ironman ┬ádistance. Many have said they don’t understand why I don’t just go for it. “Do it next year,” “You could do it on the training you are doing now.”

My thoughts: Yes probably, but it would hurt. And that doesn’t mean to say that a full Ironman wouldn’t hurt ever, but there are some milestones I want to achieve beforehand. For one, I have never run a marathon, let alone running it after a 2.4 mile swim and 112 miles on a bike! Plus, I have always said that I want to go sub 12 hours and with injuries in the past, I am allowing time for my body to adapt. The other issue I face is my work and family life. A busy job with a lot of responsibility and a young family. My wife is in the exact same position with even more responsibility. These are important in order to retain the lifestyle we have, but also realistically I would need to up the hours of training and time is tight enough as it is. I never said project Ironman would be a quick one, although I will get there eventually.

Anyway, next week I will take a 10k on and will run it as best I can to see where I am with run form. It’s a course I have done before so it will give me a good estimate. I will update soon, but my training room is certainly getting full with medals, and that’s only half for them ­čÖé