Hampton Court Half Marathon – new PB!

A cold start to an early morning on Griggs Hill Green for the Hampton Court Half Marathon awaited me before the race. This was to be my first half marathon on 2018 and the first running endurance test to see where I was with my fitness.

Before I begin, the race is reviewed in quite a few other blog posts so I’m not going to say too much about it. Have a read here at a fellow other blogger via Hampton Court Half Marathon 2018 This pretty sums up the course and event. This is more about the performance I put in.

I started yesterday’s race with the idea of running somewhere near to 1hr 45 mins. There have been 3 previous half marathons to my name. You can read about the Vitality North London Half here and the other two after half ironman events. What’s more notable is that the time ran for all of these was partly overcoming injuries! So although I have a PB for 1:59 I didn’t really know what I could actually run it in when fit and not overcoming some sort of injury.

Before the race began, I squeezed my way into the 1:45 pen and vowed to run with the pacers for as long as I could. This ended up only actually being about 4 miles or so as I felt pretty good and ran slightly ahead of them as parts of the course were quite narrow. Before I knew it, I looked back and they were some way behind me. I thought to just keep running with the idea that they would probably catch me up at some point.

This however never actually happened. As you can see from the mile splits below, the first 8 miles were pretty steady and I felt really good. I decided to just keep running to the pace.

Screen Shot 2018-02-19 at 11.47.38

What this actually meant….

Screen Shot 2018-02-19 at 11.49.35

I got faster! Yes my last 4 and a bit mile splits were quicker. I actually completed the half marathon in a time of 1hr 42 which absolutely smashes the previous PB time.


I met my wife and daughter at race HQ afterwards on the green for the obligatory photo shoot before seeking out a bacon and egg roll. I was hungry!


We’d spent the day before looking around Hampton Court Palace and strangely this event does not pass through it or run through any of the grounds. It scoots along the river outside and that’s about as much to do with Hampton Court Palace the race has.

What can I conclude?

Well – I know my training is coming along very well in time for the London Marathon. I am pretty much bang on with distance and time. My goal of running sub 4 hours seems possible. The thought of having to run that whole distance again does scare you a little but the pace will be slowed. It does make me wonder though how far I can actually run at the pace I ran for the Hampton Court half. I have set aside a long run this weekend of 16/17  miles before I tackle the Big Half the weekend after.

I am probably in the best running shape of my life right now. My fitness is pretty good all round considering triathlon training is also taking place. I’ve worked hard at my running over the last two years and feel I could get faster. It certainly takes time and management of not too much too soon. I’ve learnt that the hard way!

Look out for the next update in a couple of weeks….until then enjoy what ever you do!


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