2 weeks to race day…

Two weeks (actually 12 days at the time of writing) to race day…yikes!

There’s a mix of feelings at the moment for a number of reasons, but I am looking forward to experiencing one of the best supported marathons in the world. Many of you will be familiar with my frustrations over the last 5 weeks due to my groin injury and the lack of running. It’s not been ideal preparation, although this weekend I managed a half marathon here in France which was pleasing to get under the belt. One foot in front of the other…tap tap tap. No amazing time, just steady paced.

This was the first real test really for my groin, as I have been running the last two weeks and managing to up the distance KMs bit by bit. I would say the groin is around 90% – still a small amount of pain when running and certainly aches afterwards. However, the important thing is that I can run! Not fast, but I can run.

I have mentioned in a previous post about endurance events involving a lot mental strength. I think this will be the case for me in the marathon – particularly as I lack run fitness. It will hurt – I know that. It is something I am used to – I know that. I have experienced it before. Having this mental strength is going to be key when not totally fit.

Fitness for me is a lot about numbers. I track all of my training activities and regularly review my numbers. I can tell when I’m swimming, biking and running well. The swim and bike numbers are fine at the moment – particularly the swim. They don’t need to be brilliant at this stage as the first triathlon is not until May. My running numbers are not where they were two months ago, and by this I mean the speed at which I can maintain for a particular distance. To be honest, I probably have not lost a lot of endurance performance but certainly speed. It’s always the first thing to go for me.

My fundraising has now taken me beyond my target and with a few weeks to go there will probably be a bit more to come in. I have spoken to the local Newham Recorder about my efforts and had a tweet from the charity featuring me.

I have been in France for the past 11 days house hunting again and have managed to probably get in around 100 miles on the bike also. The weather has been hit and miss so a few rides have been scuppered! I’ll get back in the pool when I return home and tick over until marathon day the weekend after next. I’m hoping to get a few short runs in also and keep the legs turning to some degree. I’m not chasing miles now – there’s just no point.

Marathon day is going to be an emotional day (especially crossing that finishing line) I have no doubt. It seems (and maybe some of you can relate to this) that with all these new challenges, when you cross the finishing line you certainly go through a bit of an emotional rollercoaster.

It has happened a few times to me – Ride London 1st time and last year taking on my first half ironman. It’s hard to explain and all I can say is you find yourself holding the tears back! That accomplishment is overwhelming, but the amazing feeling afterwards is indescribable.



I may post just before the marathon or it may be just after. Anyway, to all those who have supported so far and followed – THANKS!

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