About me

Who am I? What do I do? What is this all about?

My name is Danny. I really love triathlon and endurance sport. I got into triathlon around two and half years ago after mainly being into cycling. I came to triathlon as I think it is the ultimate endurance sport that has incredible variety to it. I mean, there are three sports to master, lots of different training sessions to do, a huge range of gear and what other sport can you line up in the same races as pro’s and go on to represent your country as an age grouper? It is this diversity and depth that really appeal to me. I also believe it is a choice that will led me to a healthy, long life.

Triathlon is not my life. It is a passion. I work full-time, am married to a wonderful wife and have a young daughter. Like many other age groupers, I have to fit my triathlon around my life. I admit, it isn’t easy at times but I do try and make my family part of it (although it probably does my wife’s head in at times). I love training and planning what I do each month. I don’t follow a strict triathlon training program but swim, bike and run twice a week also adding in a strength session or two.

This is my journey to what I hope will lead me to me being an Ironman. I know many people who have completed an ironman on little training or with fewer triathlons under their belt than me. I also know I could probably complete one now as I am certainly fit enough. But for me, when I do eventually do an ironman I want to do it in less that 12 hours. For some, that may sound ridiculously easy, but it is lower than the average time. I wanted to let my body adapt to the training and distance and not push myself too hard too soon. I’ve had injuries before which have taken time to get over. I’m certainly not getting any younger and therefore wish to look after my body. So there you have it! I hope you enjoy this blog documenting my progress.










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