Hertfordshire Triathlon

Firstly, an apology as there are not many photos from this one I’m afraid. Why? I hear you ask. Well, my wife didn’t attend this one unfortunately, and she is the one who usually takes all the pics. I did get a few and some were taken by photographers on course.


I was up at stupid o’clock and heading out the door by 4:30am to pick up a friend who was also competing that day. Usual breakfast – Weetabix and banana with a coffee and I was ready to go. The triathlon was held at Stanborough Lakes which was around 45 mins in the car from where I lived which is why I decided to do it. We arrived with plenty of time to spare at 5:30am and registration opened at 6:00. A nice time to look out across the lake and to noticed bloody rats scurrying around us! I hate rats as you will know from my previous post.

This triathlon is relatively small with around 300 people. It is nice to do an event of this size from time to time. It is used for all the local clubs to have their local club championships which included some seriously fast people there. Registration and transition were fairly swift and we were ready for the off about 7:45.


I knew before my race that my condition was mediocre. After spending most the summer holidays enjoying myself and eating pretty freely, I knew race condition was a little way off. I had completed a few swims, cycles and runs and could tell from these that speed and pace was nowhere near what it had been. So I went with the attitude of just enjoying it and completing it.

The swim was certainly the best part of my race finishing the 15o0m in 27:33. After that it became a bit of slog to be honest. The cycle took me 1hr 32 (slow) and the run, which was tough, 55mins (slow again!). I finished the triathlon dead on 3hrs and 8 seconds, some way off previous bests.

I was tired at the end and had realised how much condition I’ve lost over the last 6 weeks. I was fit enough to complete it, but not fit enough to race it. It must be hard for pro athletes to hold on to peak condition for so long. It certainly takes dedication.

I do have some breaking news however…I have signed up for the Outlaw half in May 2017 and then exactly 4 weeks later I will take on Ironman Staffordshire 70.3. So next year will see me debut at the middle distance.

I’m not sure whether that was my final triathlon of the year or whether I will complete another in September. Stay tuned to see!

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